Teardown of 11-inch iPad Pro reveals many, many magnets

Yes, we know that Apple's new iPad Pro has more than 90 magnets (which is why you can stick it to your fridge, if you like), but knowing is one thing, and seeing it with your own eyes is another.

Luckily, the good people at iFixit have fought through gobs of glue to fully tear down the 11-inch version of the Pro, so we don't have to do it ourselves.

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Generally, Apple's new iPad Pro is not a device you want to repair yourself. In fact, even specialists will have a hard time doing it, especially if they try to replace the speakers, which according to iFixit are incredibly hard to remove. At least the new USB-C port, which replaced Apple's proprietary Lightning port, is modular and easy to replace.

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If you're not interested in ever opening the new iPad Pro, the teardown is worth checking out just to see how tightly packed Apple's new tablet is. With bezels thinner than ever and the Home button absent, it feels as if not an inch of space has been wasted. And where there was room to spare, Apple inserted magnets, which make attaching various accessories, such as cases and the Apple Pencil (included in the teardown, by the way), a breeze.

So many magnets. Credit: ifixit

There are no big surprises in terms of components used: There's that super-fast Apple A12X Bionic chip, 64GB of Toshiba flash storage, and 4GB of RAM. The new 11-inch iPad Pro sports a 29.45Wh (watt-hour) battery, which is a small downgrade compared to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which has a 30.8Wh battery.

Check out the full teardown here.

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