We regret to inform you Trumpy Bear is a *real* thing you can spend money on

Looking for something to tightly squeeze while you fear for the future of American politics? Trumpy Bear is here to help... or at least help give you nightmares. The purpose of this terrifying little creature is unclear, but the product is very real.

For those who haven't yet seen the commercial for Trumpy Bear, a Trump-themed teddy bear with an American flag blanket hidden in its back, let us fix that.

The ad resembles an amateur splicing of deleted scenes from the Twilight films, a classic, embarrassing infomercial, a class project, and an extremely low-budget campaign commercial. And there's a very good chance after watching it you'll think it's fake. But it's unfortunately not.

The stuffed bear is really for sale and can be yours for two payments of $19.95 (plus shipping).

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Though Trumpy Bear has been advertised for a year, the commercial — complete with clueless-looking actors, poor editing, a laughable voiceover, and completely unrealistic scenarios — is so bizarre that each time a clip is shared on social media it attracts fresh attention.

So when Fox News aired a Trumpy Bear ad on Monday morning, people were shook all over again.

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Fox News' Senior Vice President of Eastern Sales, Dom Rossi told Mashable, "This was a local ad purchase with the cable operator. We do not do business with them nationally." But damage was still done.

Many people have a hard time believing the bear, with it's ill-fitting blonde combover, long red tie, and white collar and wrist cuffs, is real. And once they find out it is, the reality is equally (if not more) challenging to grasp.

Trumpy Bear Credit: screengrab//gettrumpybear.com

As you may have guessed, many people cope with the upsetting revelation that this bear does exist by mercilessly trolling it. Here are a few examples.

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The Trumpy Bear ad packs everything bad about infomercials into a horribly painful two minutes, and brings politics into the mix to make things even worse.

But according to the commercial, the China-made bear will improve your golf game! So how can you pass on an offer like that?

UPDATE: Nov. 13, 2018, 9:57 a.m. EST Updated with statement from Fox News.

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